Wellness Weekend

"This Wellness Weekend was informative, enjoyable and helpful to me!"

"What I liked most was learning how to make these dishes. They are now staples in my kitchen and my life."

"What I learned and took away was how to cook these particular dishes and the techniques of roasting corn and sautéing mushrooms without oil and using the Instant Pot. I now have the confidence to live a Plant-based lifestyle with success."

"Another result of the Wellness Weekend is I realized that I’m not going to go hungry ever again! I see that I CAN cook and I make healthy food."

"These dishes are versatile and I am inspired to make new ones with some of the techniques I learned."

"The most memorable times were the walks with Rita and getting out in the fresh air and sun. I enjoyed taking in the restorative benefits of the beach."

"Rita is expert and fun in her instruction. She really makes sure you get the basics understood before she moves to the next level."

"I know my friends and family will benefit from the knowledge I’ve gained by spending this Weekend with Rita, the owner. I invite you to do the same and find your New You (NuYu)!"

A wellness weekend typically consists of minimally 3 days and 2 nights at an incredible location. (This can be coordinated to a full week, if desired, for increased benefit and certainty of the guests to continue with the lifestyle.)

We provide all ingredients for 5 meals, teachings of several key dishes, snacks, teas, Q and A after the cooking session and much more.

Enjoy a beautiful room solo or share with a friend.

Prices may vary depending on the location and local food costs.

We are currently booking Clearwater Beach and vicinity voted the #1 Beach in the United States.

Contact us for a personal consultation to host your weekend or signup for one of our upcoming Wellness Weekends.

We are now offering Wellness Weekends in your very home for a limited time. Please call for details.


  • Whole food, plant-based and oil-free preparation of meals
  • Customized menus that highlight local and seasonal selections when possible
  • Personal shopping, preparation, and cleanup all included
  • Ability to accommodate special dietary restrictions and/or food sensitivities
  • Cooking classes and workshops provided by a certified chef in weight loss, women’s health and plant-based cooking
  • Ability to travel to location

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