Services and How It Works

Wellness Retreats~

A wellness retreat typically consists of minimally 3 days and 2 nights at an incredible location. (This can be coordinated to a full week, if desired, for increased benefit and certainty of the guests to continue with the lifestyle.)

We provide all ingredients for 5 meals, teachings of a few key dishes, snacks, teas, Q and A after the cooking session and much more.

Enjoy a beautiful room solo or share with a friend, Prices ALWAYS vary depending on the location and local food costs. Contact us for a personal consultation to host your retreat.


  • Whole food, plant-based and oil-free preparation of meals
  • Customized menus that highlight local and seasonal selections when possible
  • Personal shopping, preparation, and cleanup all included
  • Ability to accommodate special dietary restrictions and/or food sensitivities
  • Cooking classes and workshops provided by a certified chef in weight loss, women’s health and plant-based cooking
  • Ability to travel to location

Group Cooking Classes ~

These classes are designed for YOU. Even with your busy lifestyle, you can re-create my simple, healthy and delicious meals for yourself and your family or friends.

You CAN become confident in the kitchen and enjoy the process while you learn how to easily fuel yourself with the right foods.

What you will get out of my cooking classes:

  • The opportunity to ask me anything about plant-based eating, my philosophy around food, and basic cooking techniques
  • A menu designed around local, seasonal ingredients when possible, always dairy-free, oil-free and plant based, (AND we can typically substitute gluten-free
  • Enjoy a meal together with your friends!
  • Food to take home with you for the next day
  • An explanation of my ingredients, why they are beneficial for your health, and simple swaps that you can make in your own kitchen
  • A copy of the recipes we make, so that you can go back to them again and again
  • Customizable winning programs of 6 or 8 weeks

Cooking Party’s ~

Contact us directly to customize your party and make your occasion the most memorable for your guests by introducing this lifestyle in a way that ensures you and your guests win! These party’s are tailor-made for you to be fun, high energy and informative.

Individual Personal Chef Services ~

From time to time, we will receive a request to help someone on an individual basis to cook meals in their home. These requests get reviewed and approved directly by Rita. But do not hesitate to inquire. Our purpose to help others rates high over our workload.
Payments can be made by check or direct ACH deposit with a 50% deposit.

Consulting ~

Due to the demand, we have created consulting plans for established restaurants, where we are hired to train the chefs on how to prepare these oil-free signature dishes for the restaurant’s patrons to enjoy.

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We specialize in high starch, low fat, oil-free cooking. This isn’t considered a diet but an actual lifestyle. The side effects of this lifestyle have been known to include, weight loss, clear skin, the reverse of diabetes, the reverse of erectile dysfunction and even heart disease and hypertension. 

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