Services and How It Works

Wellness Weekends~

A wellness weekend typically consists of minimally 3 days and 2 nights at an incredible location. (This can be coordinated to a full week, if desired, for increased benefit and certainty of the guests to continue with the lifestyle.)

We provide all ingredients for 5 meals, teachings of several key dishes, snacks, teas, Q and A after the cooking session and much more.

Enjoy a beautiful room solo or share with a friend.

Prices may vary depending on the location and local food costs.

We are currently booking Clearwater Beach and vicinity voted the #1 Beach in the United States.

Contact us for a personal consultation to host your weekend or sign up for one of our upcoming Wellness Weekends.

We are now offering Wellness Weekends in your very home for a limited time. Please call for details.


  • 5 cooking classes and meals
  • Kitchen clean up and sanitation
  • Grocery tour
  • Daily walks and other local excursions
  • Q and A
  • Recipes, leftovers and confidence to take away

I come to your home for an action packed weekend of learning and fun! Group packages available for in-home or BNB. Call for more information. (References and testimonials provided).

Plant-Based Lifestyle Consulting~

By choosing my consulting program, I will help you get started on a plant-based diet with all the tools for success you will need.

If you are revisiting this lifestyle, I will rekindle your fire to go plant-based and have you winning with confidence and give you continued support.

My Program Includes:

  • 2 hour Initial Strategic Planning
  • Weekly Meal planning and discussion
  • 1 hour Consulting call per week (Zoom). This will include wins and successes, problem solving and social advise
  • Recipes and shopping lists
  • Technique how-to’s
  • Unlimited emails for help and advise (M-F)

Cooking Classes ~

These classes are designed for YOU. Even with your busy lifestyle, you can re-create my simple, healthy and delicious meals for yourself and your family or friends.

You CAN become confident in the kitchen and enjoy the process while you learn how to easily fuel yourself with the right foods.

What you will get out of my cooking classes:

  • The opportunity to ask me anything about plant-based eating, my philosophy around food, and basic cooking techniques
  • A menu designed around local, seasonal ingredients when possible, always dairy-free, oil-free and plant based, (AND we can typically substitute gluten-free
  • Enjoy a meal together with your friends!
  • Food to take home with you for the next day
  • An explanation of my ingredients, why they are beneficial for your health, and simple swaps that you can make in your own kitchen
  • A copy of the recipes we make, so that you can go back to them again and again
  • Customizable winning programs of 6 or 8 weeks

Meal Planning and Prep ~

This consists of a one-hour weekly phone call by Rita, to include meal planning, consulting, and support.

This service is tailor-made for YOUR life and designed so you can apply my help right away.

This is perfect for those starting a plant-based diet anew or those who are finding they need a bit of a reboot or perhaps rekindled on being on a plant-based lifestyle.

Here you will have the red-carpet treatment to look forward to and the help you need and deserve on a weekly basis.


  • Meal planning and discussion
  • Shopping
  • Cooking
  • Packaging
  • Kitchen cleanup
  • Sanitizing

4 week minimum sign up to ensure you receive help. One week will not contribute to your success or give you benefit. I want you winning at this!

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