Wellness Weekends~

My Wellness Weekends are exclusively tailor-made for each individual client’s needs and wants. First, through a consultation, we address what barriers and stops you are experiencing for either starting a plant-based lifestyle or getting “back on the wagon”.

Then, I design your weekend (or week) so you succeed with this way of eating through simplicity, not complexity. You will leave with clarity, competence and confidence that you will make it. You will be able to help families, friends or co-workers or at least lead by example. Your fears of social situation will be gone.

Wouldn’t you love to fly through this lifestyle not only achieving and maintaining YOUR health goals, but possibly helping friends and family along the way?

Well, wait no more. It can done, the road is mapped and you can claim what you’ve been wanting, achieved health goals and longevity! The days of “how can I end my yo-yo-ing” or “how do I get THEM onboard” are over! Sign up for the solutions!

Your tailor-made weekend includes:

  • Agenda for the entire weekend
  • Meal planning
  • Grocery tours and guiding
  • Meal preparation in my fully equipped kitchen
  • How to bring the meal temperature down
  • Packaging your food
  • How to store your meals
  • Access to all my signature recipes that we prepare
  • My tips, tricks, techniques and so much more!

For non-locals I will help you find flights, hotel or a BNB room. And I’ll even transport you to and from the airport.


Meal Planning and Prep ~

Back by popular demand! We are accepting new clients for our Meal Planning and Prep service.

Choose from an array of items on our exclusive menu. The items on our menu have made the list because they became client and family favorites throughout the years and because they store and reheat well. Anything can be made gluten free, but all signature dishes are oil free, dairy free and plant-based.

We are willing to customize and prepare certain items (not on our menu) that you enjoy such as baked tofu, some of your favorites bowls, soups or sauces. We can discuss this prior to that week’s meal planning and prep.

We practice proper sanitation before and after your dinners are prepped and cooked in your home.

Call now for your consultation to get started on our service process.

Cooking Classes ~

These classes are designed for YOU. Even with your busy lifestyle, you can re-create my simple, healthy and delicious meals for yourself and your family or friends.

You CAN become confident in the kitchen and enjoy the process while you learn how to easily fuel yourself with the right foods.

What you will get out of my cooking classes:

  • The opportunity to ask me anything about plant-based eating, my philosophy around food, and basic cooking techniques.
  • A menu designed around local, seasonal ingredients when possible, always dairy-free, oil-free and plant based, (AND we can typically substitute gluten-free).
  • Enjoy a meal together with your friends!
  • Meals to take home with you for the coming days.
  • An explanation of my ingredients, why they are beneficial for your health, and simple swaps that you can make in your own kitchen.
  • Access to my signature recipes that we prepare, so that you can go back to them again and again.
  • Customizable continued winning programs, if desired.

Plant-Based Lifestyle Consulting~

By choosing my consulting program, I will help you get started on a plant-based diet with all the tools for success you will need.

If you are revisiting this lifestyle, I will rekindle your fire to go plant-based and have you winning with confidence and give you continued support.

My Program Includes:

  • Initial Strategic Planning meeting
  • Weekly Meal planning and discussion
  • A weekly consulting call (30 min video). This will include sharing your wins and successes, problem solving and social advise
  • Recipes and shopping lists
  • Technique how-to’s
  • Unlimited emails for help and advise (M-F)


  • Whole food, plant-based and oil-free preparation of meals
  • Customized menus that highlight local and seasonal selections when possible
  • Personal shopping, preparation, and cleanup all included
  • Ability to accommodate special dietary restrictions and/or food sensitivities
  • Cooking classes and workshops provided by a certified chef in weight loss, women’s health and plant-based cooking
  • Ability to travel to location

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